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"Neptune 2014" rally in Lithuania

On 13-15 June 2014 the Lithuanian Section of the International Police Association organized the 17th IPA Rally, this time under the banner of "Neptune 2014". The meeting was held in a resort "Žilvitis" in Karkle near Klaipeda. The Masovian Voivodeship (Provincial) Group of the International Police Association was represented by members of the IPA Region Radom - Zygmunt Kot and Maciej Szlacheta, along with their families. This outdoor-camping event was also attended by representatives of the Podlachia and Świętokrzyskie Provincial Groups of the IPA.

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Meeting of the Mazovian Provincial Group of the IPA in Zielonka near Warsaw

On 24 January 2014 the Club Galop (Eng. Gallop) in Zielonka was a place of a meeting of the Board of the IPA Mazovian Provincial Group. During the meeting the activities of the Regions (Branches) in 2013 were summarized. We also discussed important issues related to the conduct of financial records and outlined an action plan for 2014.

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